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Fertility Package

30,000 18,000


This package is for you;

  • If you are trying to get pregnant
  • If you are experiencing irregular menstruation
  • If you have Fallopian tube blockage
  • If you have ovarian cyst
  • If you are experiencing hormonal imbalance
  • If you want to boost the quality of your eggs
  • If you want a particular sex of a baby
  • If you have endometriosis
  • If you have adenomyosis


  • Get pregnant within 4 months
  • Boost your ovulation/fertilization
  • Boost your fertility by 100%
  • Increase your chances of conception by 100%
  • Normalize your monthly cycle
  • Resolve ovarian cyst without surgery in 3 months
  • Resolve blocked Fallopian tubes without surgery in 4 months
  • Maintain a normal pH value for your body
  • Get your desired sex during pregnancy
  • Boost your immune system
  • Boost your cervical mucus



Mini pack => #18,000 for a month
Maxi pack => #35,000 for a month


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